Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

”…to help gain insight into difficulties or distress, establish a greater understanding of our motivation, and enable to find more appropriate ways of coping or bringing about changes in our thinking and behaviour. Psychotherapy involves exploring feelings, beliefs, thoughts and relevant events, sometimes from childhood and personal history, in a structured way…”

“…utilises our subconscious and the power of suggestion to promote positive change in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour…”


“…is that interaction between two individuals to find a solution to the problems, which have an emotional angle, of one individual. Such a solution usually includes behavioural change in the individual whose problems are being discussed…”

Workshops for Parents/Carers

Children Brain Development and Behaviour Workshops created not just for young or inexperienced Parents and Carers. Workshops for everyone who wants to be the best possible Parent for their children. Parenting is much easier when you understand what and why is happening in child’s mind.

Anna provides a high level of effective, ethical, client-oriented and tailored therapeutic service. She is a member of Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Australian Hypnotherapist Association as well as Rapid Resolution Therapy Institute.

Standard out of the pocket fee per standard consultation lasting 55 minutes is $150.

It is recommended, especially for the first consultation which often takes more than 55 minutes, to book a longer consultation. In case of extension over 55 minutes fee is adjusted accordingly in a preferable manner, namely:

75 minutes – $180
90 minutes – $200

over 90 minutes – determined depending on circumstances

Please mind, that out of the pocket consultation fee is irrespective and is not affected by Medicare, Private Health Insurance or Overseas Visitor insurance. Your Safe Place is not a Bulk Billing practice.

Please mind that every person has individual complexity and depth of concerns and problems. As a result, the exact length, frequency and time frames of treatment are always explained, discussed and presented clearly in a form of a treatment plan approved by both client and therapist before treatment commences.

There are attractive fee and payment arrangements for regular and long term clients, when rates can be discussed in person and adjusted accordingly to treatment plan. All of the aspects of financial arrangements can be reviewed and adjusted upon mutual agreement.

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